infrared heaters

Infrared heaters for the winter

Winder in NYC is an amazing time to spend with family, friends, and people you love. We all like to go out and enjoy the snow and the cold weather, but it is also nice to have a glass of eggnog with the family in a lovely warm house. This is the time of year that heaters work overtime to keep us all warm. If you visit you will learn about how to keep your home warm during this cold season.

Keeping your house warmheater

There are many ways you can consider keeping your house cozy and warm during the winter. Some people have houses with a fireplace or a gas heater, but these can be messy and dangerous. Electric heaters consume a lot of energy and can really give you a big bill at the end. An ideal option for you would be an infrared heater.

How to find the right infrared heater

Heaters can be found at many home supply stores and even online. You can probably get a much better deal if you order one online as it will be delivered right to your door at no extra cost. Unlike conventional ones, these heaters use infrared light to heat the things around them. You may not see this light but the heat produced can be felt by the body.

There are many types of infrared heaters on the market. Most run on electricity and can save you a lot of money while there are ones that will run on propane and gas too. Some models are actually portable and can be moved from one place to another. An electric one which is about 1500 watts would be perfect for a bedroom of about 200 square feet. While for bigger spaces you can use larger heater or place two in different locations.

The types of infrared heaters

There are many models available, and each one will match a different room size or purpose. There are room heaters, radiant heaters, high-intensity and low-intensity infrared heaters. Each one is suitable for a different purpose.

infrared heatersHow they work

Unlike other forms of heating, infrared heaters use a method that is similar to having the sun’s heat on your face. It works by warming up the objects around it which in turn releases the heat into the atmosphere. These heaters are clean, safe, easy to use and can also save you money.