The Services Offered By The Leicester Locksmiths

Whether at home or in a commercial premise, security is always vital. In many cases, there are a lot of break-ins or burglary at home and in commercial buildings. Some of these incidences are caused by carelessness while others it is just unfortunate events unveiling themselves in gruesome ways.

Incidences with security are not just break-ins and lock INS but sometimes lockouts. You might just walk home to the surprise of you being unable to access your house. Another common incident with security is lost keys. At one or another you might just lose our keys mistakenly. Installing the right lock might just be one of the key steps of upping you home or business security. Locksmith Leicester also referred to as AJ Locksmiths have been in the industry of locksmiths for many years to sort out issues of security and locks. This read highlights more on the services that they offer.


The Owner

Antony Richardson is the owner of AJ locksmiths based in Leicester. The AJ Locksmiths is an independent locksmithjewelry service run by a family. They have been in the industry for more than ten years giving them enough experience to deal with security issues accordingly.

Antony Richardson commonly known as Tony is a fully trained locksmith who is always happy and available to provide his services. The AJ Locksmiths cater for all locksmith needs in elicitors and wider Leicestershire. Their principal objective is to ensure safety and security in homes and business premises.


The AJ locksmiths offer security solutions in Leicester to ensure residents have a peace of mind. Whether in need of a security upgrade or an access after losing keys or locked out, LeicesterLocksmiths will sort it out for you. Leicester locksmiths are specialists in repairing and replacing damaged locks and boosting security. They have an experience with all types of security mechanisms. Whether it entails euro cylinders, PVC devices and door handles, they have services guaranteed.


doorThe locksmiths are available 24 hours for service provision. They have the highest quality goods that meet quality guidelines. Their products are the source from leading manufacturers and are of good quality. The euro cylinders fitted by them are of anti-snap standard for added safety. Leicester locksmiths also have customer support and after sales services which they are happy to offer. The elicitor locksmiths do not charge unreasonable fees to their clients since they are not a national call center. The advantaged of working with them are;

  • There are no hourly rates charges
  • Guaranteed no hidden costs
  • Call outs are free of charge
  • They do not charge value added tax

Their services are designed to meet your requirements, so you are assured of not only your security but Also services that are worth your money.