Services Offered By Tree Surgeons

Tree surgeons render different types of services to homeowners. These vary, depending on your area and type of tree among other factors. For a fact, these services are meant to improve the quality of life and the environment. What are the services are offered by tree Ashford Tree Surgeons? Below is a summary of what services you should expect from these and how useful they are to us and the trees as well.

Services Offered

Tree Fellingtool

This type of service might look like a simple task to most people but in essence, there is a lot that needs to go into it. Some intricacies associated with the tree felling should be left in the hands of professionals. For instance, you need to know if there is an underground drainage system that you should tamper with.

You should also know that you can undermine the foundations of houses if they are nearby by felling a tree. Safety is the most important part, and therefore you need to be careful when you are doing this, and that is why professionals need to do it.


This is another service that needs to be taken care of by tree surgeons as a lot of care is involved in this kind. It includes crown thinning, crown lifting works as well as crown reduction. These things are the ones that help the structural integrity of that tree, so that does not pose any danger to any surrounding buildings or the people that walk near it. This will also mean that there is an improvement in accessing your home as well as the obstruction is limited.

Tree Restoration

treesThis is also another service that is rendered by tree surgeons that are crucial. This is because this service is valuable to trees that have suffered in one or the other and they need to be put back in a state that is better so that their continued survival is guaranteed. This will mean that nutrient as well as water can get to reach the parts of the tree that they did not reach before.

Trees that are mostly around sites of buildings or car parks can experience de-compaction which is not getting the proper drainage. The tree surgeons will make sure that these trees are restored to their proper conditions so the place can continue to maintain it’s ambiance.