Tips to Paint the Skirting Boards

Simple Tips to Paint the Skirting Boards in Your Home

The skirting board is one of the essential parts in our home. It provides many benefits and purposes to our wall and our home. Primarily, it offers decorative purposes. Therefore, many people try to remodel and redesign their skirting boards. Even there are skirting board design trends in 2021 that you should know. One of the way to remodel the skirting boards is by giving it new paint. If you’ve ever taken an afternoon to install skirting boards and then spent a couple of hours lying down to do it after painting them, read on.

Tips to Paint the Skirting Boards

Put All Skirting Boards on Some Trestles and Paint Them

Before you even think about installing the baseboards, first layout all of the baseboards on different stands or something similar and then paint them with the desired finish (it’s that simple). Once you’ve finished the previous coat and let it dry, you’ll need to cut, trim and trace all the baseboards and then match them up over the entire area. All you then have to do is repaint with the full coat of paint all the miter, squiggles, etc., and you’re done.

Use Mastic to Seal the Gap

Tips to Paint the Skirting BoardsIf you are painting the walls (rather than putting up wallpaper) and seeing that there is a space between the painted baseboard and the walls, you can seal this space with putty to get a professional finish. You can find grout in a selection of colors to match the color you have painted at any DIY store. You can buy brown or white putty if you have painted the baseboard. If you follow the instructions on the tube, you will find that you need to reduce the nozzle at an angle and apply steady pressure to get an even bead of glue. It’s best to test it on something first to get an idea before applying glue to the baseboard’s top.

Use Masking Tape

After spraying the putty under running water, use your finger (or if you’re fancy, buy a putty tracing paper), run it along the top molding, and wipe off the excess on towels. Another great idea is to use masking tape to keep the grout from moving around. The tape will hold the excess in place, then all you have to do is remove the tape. The tape is removed before the grout sets. Hopefully, this is a job well done, and your knees are saved for another day.