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Tips to Warm Up Your Home Without a Heater

Most of us understand that the cost of heating our homes can be relatively high. When it’s cold, the need to stay warm is paramount. But by insulating your home and doing a few things to keep comfortable and warm, we can survive the winter without using the heater. There are a few approaches to eliminate drafts from your premises; the most common one is to use curtains or shutters. Although these tips are simple, it will create a huge gap with indoor temperatures. Let’s take a look at them below.

Keep Your Home Warm

Place Draught Excluders Under Doors

The first thing that you should consider installing is the draught excluders. We should know that the outside air can come into our home through the gaps under the doors. That said, you can place draught excluders under doors to block the openings through which cold air enters. If you install something that blocks drafts, you can get rid of the cold and keep the rooms warmer. It will also keep the warm air inside instead of letting it out. This way, it will fit in the gap and exit the door on either side without using the draft stopper.

Install Draught Excluder Strips in the Window Gaps

Keep Your Home WarmIf your windows are not double-paned, you may notice a cool breeze. The cool air comes from the warm air blowing outside, which means you’re not saving energy from your heating system. If there are openings around your window (especially if they are casement windows), then you have the option of putting polyurethane strips over the glass. The strips are self-adhesive and spongy, allowing you to close and open your windows. They are an inexpensive and effective way to keep your home warm without paying the price of window replacement.

Seal With Brushes

Brushes can be purchased at your regional home improvement store and help with drafts that come in through small areas. You should make sure your mailbox is sealed with brushes. When it is stormy outside, you would like to stay warm inside. Just twist the strip on the bottom of the door to open and close it quickly. They come in different sizes and designs to fit your doors.

Use Secondary Glazing

If you want to spend some money on your fireplace, you can either replace it entirely or install secondary glass. Secondary glazing can be a less expensive option than double glazing and has the same benefits. If you have original windows, secondary glazing will add more protection without removing the features. A cheaper option for secondary glazing is to use a secondary glazing box. It is made of cellophane and covers the entire window. So, through the sliding is not noticeable.